Innergie PowerGear Ice 65 Universal 65 W LAPTOP Ladegerät




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Universal Laptop Charger of the Future- PowerGear ICE 65

Replace your clunky laptop charging brick with this stylish little cube, PowerGear ICE 65

PowerGear ICE 65 is not only compatible with 90% laptops, but a lightweight stylish accessory to carry around globally.

With its interchangeable adapter plugs, you are allowed to charge your laptop at your office in US, a cafe in Paris, or anywhere you want to be. Even when you change models, there are still five tips at your command.

Traveling no longer means stuffing your bags with bulky adapters and chargers. Catch the new trend and bring PowerGear ICE 65 with you wherever you go. On top of its compatibility with multiple models in various countries, the high-speed and safety charging technology makes it a travel essential you don’t want to miss out!

Compatible With 90% Laptops with Free Tip Program
Wondering if these tips suit your laptop? You can check your laptop model at “Customer Questions & Answers” section, or simply go to our website and search your model in the Finder page.

If none of the tips support your laptop, don’t worry, join our Free Tip Program, and we will send you the one that fits your particular laptop.

Notice: Apple MacBook, Microsoft Surface series and all USB-C models are excluded from this program due to different connector.

Universal Laptop Charger with 4 Interchangeable plugs
Is it always difficult for you to pull out the plug just to change to another?

With rotatable design, PowerGear ICE 65 allows you to easily take out the universal laptop charger and replace a plug with a gentle twist when you arrives a new country.

Exclusive Protection Design Protects Your Devices
Does the safety of charging ever concern you? Report has it that explosion might occur when charger’s temperature goes too high.

With PowerGear ICE 65, you can have a peace of mind. The InnerShield Protection provides 5 levels of charging safety. The 1.2mm thin inner cover dissipates the heat in no time.

Easy Connection to Different USB Port

PowerGear ICE 65 can charge mobile devices when it goes with Innergie WizardTip. Get one if you want to charge your laptop and smartphone, while using power bank and bluetooth earbuds simultaneously.

Fashionable Lifestyle Accessory

The ergonomic design of PowerGear ICE 65 offers you the most comfortable grip on top of its elegant appearance and classic color, which make it the best symbol for your personal lifestyle.

90% High Power Conversion Rate

PowerGear ICE 65 provides 90% of energy conversion rate, bringing you the most efficient and power-saving charging process while producing less heat, keeping your charger in a safe operating temperature.