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Pathways Through Jerusalem features 9 onscreen guides each set in their own multimedia "pathway" that tours the religious, social, military and archaeological history of Jerusalem.

This 2 CD set has been one of the most acclaimed offerings since it first appeared in our catalog. It has been called "the best religious software ever produced" and we don't disagree. There are other "guided tour" travelogue CDs of Jerusalem.

Pathways is way beyond them in quality, depth of multimedia, and presentation concept. We're proud to be the exclusive distributor of this amazing 2 CD-ROM program.

Pathways features five historical guides:

King David, King Herod, Queen Helena (Byzantine period -- Constantine's mother) Dirk the Crusader, and Suleiman the Magnificent (Islamic period). Their portrayals are full of wit, scholarly insights, interesting historical footnotes and a surprising amount of humor.

They each appear onscreen at-length. Each of their pathways lasts over 35 minutes and offers many multimedia and content options to explore at your own pace.

King David (pictured right) is one of the most popular tours. He is both insightful AND funny. One of my favorite parts is when he pulls out his wallet to show you his children. His tour of Solomon's Temple is the favorite portion of Pathways for most Sunday Schools.

King Herod's tour of Jerusalem and his animated display of how he rebuilt the Temple is led by a very funny actor who portrays Herod as a megalomaniac with a Brooklyn accent. His "desire to be appreciated" is great lesson fodder.

Queen Helena leads you on an expectedly regal tour of the many churches she built, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Dirk the Crusader is a bloke who just got back from a Crusade. Dirk gives an entertaining cockney overview of the Crusades which in reality were not so entertaining. His tour sheds light on the historic animosities which have plagued Muslim, Jewish and Christian relations for centuries.

Four of the video guides are contemporary & clever:

A Modern Jew who tells about the founding of the state of Israel.
A Christian who tours you to the places Jesus went in Jerusalem.
A Palestinian Muslim
And a Secular tour bus operator.

Each modern guide describes the sites in Jerusalem that are holy to their particular faith. Azziz' Muslim tour of Jerusalem delves into the religious belief of Islam. It's balanced and well done.
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